My academic research is best accessed through my Google Scholar Page. Feel free to reach out to me if you want one of my papers but don’t have access to it.

My recent work has been on social media and various forms of online influencing in India, particularly politicians’ use of Twitter. My past work has been broadly on technology and global development, referred to in the academy as ICTD, in which I’ve worked on the impact of technology on accessibility, education, and aspiration.

Here are a few research talks that are publicly available:

A talk on the role to be played by infuencers in political elections from the Media Rumble in 2023

A talk on do-goodery in the academy from SIGCHI 2017

A talk on political brand building at the University of California at Irvine in 2016

Our research on accessibility in Rwanda and Malawi from ICTD 2015

Here are a few op-eds and mainstream media pieces.

Newslaundry, May 2023: Anti-Hindu, woke feminist: Inside the unprecedented online trolling of CJI Chandrachud

India Today, January 2022: Twitter campaign and the story of the Uttar Pradesh poll battle

The Wire, November 2021: The Aryan Khan Case and the Anatomy of a Twitter War

Mint, April 2019: Elections 2019: What tweet for tat tells you about Rahul Gandhi

Washington Post, April 2019: Social media is a key battleground in India’s elections — and Modi is currently king

Mint, January 2019: Narendra Modi matinee show: Inside India’s celeb Twitter