A selection of my recent and past work is available here. My work is primarily in technology and issues of social and global concern, specifically in the role of technology in greater accessibility for people with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries. I am currently also working on the role of social media in reshaping the political discourse in the Global South.


Social Media and Politics in the Global South

Social media is changing political outreach throughout the world. Our work has focused on the use of social media, specifically by political actors in the Global South.  Our work started in India, where our work has focused on social media in electoral outreach, brand building, and media circumvention.


Technology, Aspiration and Work

I am interested in the role of aspiration in individual and institutional interest around technology as a pathway to development. Technology and computing have come to be part of the aspirational frame of people in low- and middle-income countries because of a dominant media discourse of technology as being a means of bettering both the individual and the collective. We find this in India, where, for instance, for several years there has been a popular expectation that the technology sector and technology-enabled work will engineer a collective leapfrog for the regional aggregate, through examples such as the tech boom cities.


Accessibility and ICTD

Accessibility and access to technology for people with disabilities has been an area of relatively less attention in the ICTD world, where marginality has typically been constructed around issues of professional profile, gender, and locational elements. My work on accessibility focuses on building individual narratives of people with disabilities, primarily vision impairments, to better understand the impacts that design decisions have on peoples’ lives.  In my work, I argue that assistive technologies and accessibility inordinately impact the lives of women with disabilities, given gendered elements of restrictions on the economic and social opportunities for women with disabilities. From an ICTD perspective, my work explores the ways in which assistive technologies live up to their promise, given the social contexts they operate in.



I am the researcher for the feature documentary “For the Love of a Man” which explores fandom related to the Tamil film star Rajnikanth. My interest in Tamil cinema extends to the ways in which the idea of foreignness and global aspiration are projected on screen. I am interested in on the ways technology – both computing artifacts and people who work in technology such as software engineers, and more specifically gendered aspects of technology work such as the depiction of female software engineers on screen. I am also interested in the way disability in portrayed in Indian cinema.


Other selected publications




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