List of debunked messages

# Domain Headline Post URL Category
1 Fact Check: Bloated casualty figures linked to coronavirus leave netizens in panic Doctored Statistics
2 Coronavirus: Image showing sulphur dioxide forecasts falsely linked with mass cremation in Wuhan Nature & Environment
3 Can Avoiding Ice Creams And Cold Drinks For 90 Days Prevent Coronavirus? Cure, Prevention & Treatments
4 ఇండియాలో ఇప్పటివరకు ఒక్క కొరోనా వైరస్ కేసు కూడా నమోదు కాలేదు. ‘గాంధీ హాస్పిటల్ లో నలుగురు మృతి’ అనేది ఫేక్ మెసేజ్ Doctored Statistics
5 Hoax Alert: Viral ‘Emergency Notification’ On Coronavirus Is Fake Government
6 Police, Death, Violence, Suspects, Chinese, Monk Government
7 Video of parasite removal from a person’s lip falsely linked with Coronavirus Casualty
8 ‘Keep your throat moist’ advisory message on Coronavirus was not issued by the Health Ministry. Government
9 Young Woman Who Collapsed In Malaysian Supermarket Died Of Heart Failure Not Coronavirus Casualty
10 No, homeopathic drug ‘Arsenicum album 30’ cannot prevent Coronavirus infection, as claimed by AYUSH ministry Cure, Prevention & Treatments
11 Fake Coronavirus Death News: Malaysian Govt Calls Out Indian Media Doctored Statistics
12 Boiled Garlic Water For Treating Coronavirus? Not Really Cure, Prevention & Treatments
13 Old video of ex-Malaysian PM viral as Chinese PM praying in a mosque amid Coronavirus outbreak Culture
14 No, the video doesn’t show the new hospital set up by China for Coronavirus patients Culture
15 Is There A Right Way To Wear A Surgical Mask? A FactCheck Cure, Prevention & Treatments
16 Bat Infestation Video From Florida Falsely Shared As Coronavirus Source Found Nature & Environment
17 Video of a family died due to novel Coronavirus? No, an old unrelated video. Casualty
18 Video of Indonesian meat market viral as epicentre of coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China Nature & Environment
19 Old video of Chinese pres Xi Jinping visiting mosque shared as recent amid coronavirus outbreak Culture
20 Video From Indonesia Peddled As Muslim Man Tortured In China Culture
21 AYUSH ministry’s claim that Unani practices can prevent coronavirus infection is false Cure, Prevention & Treatments
22 Did Dettol Know About Coronavirus Outbreak Beforehand? A FactCheck Cure, Prevention & Treatments
23 Old videos shot during African Swine Fever outbreak viral amid Cornonavirus pandemic Nature & Environment
24 The Hindu Article Erroneously Links Filovirus Study To Coronavirus Nature & Environment
25 People lying on the road as part of an art project in Germany falsely linked to Coronavirus Casualty
26 No, China did not seek court’s approval to kill over 20,000 coronavirus patients Doctored Statistics
27 Cannabis kills coronavirus? Vivek Agnihotri shares scientific misinformation via meme Cure, Prevention & Treatments
28 No, this video doesn’t show people infected with Coronavirus in China screaming for help Casualty
29 Coronavirus in broiler chicken? H5N1 bird flu outbreak in China falsely linked with CoV Nature & Environment
30 Chinese Policemen Killing Coronavirus Patients And Other News You Almost Believed Government
31 2 Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed in Kolkata? No, Media Misreported Doctored Statistics
32 Is Coronavirus a secret Chinese bio-warfare weapon? Culture
33 Was A Case Of Novel Coronavirus Identified In Bihar? Doctored Statistics
34 China Blocking Roads To Contain Coronavirus? No, Video Is Old Government
35 Fact Check: Social media raps a flawed tune. Eminem is not down with coronavirus Culture
36 Police action on temple priest flouting lockdown in MP falsely communalised Culture
37 Aaj Tak’s fact-check that alcohol, weed don’t cure coronavirus infection viral with misleading claim Cure, Prevention & Treatments
38 ‘Runny nose’ and ‘sputum production’ are also symptoms of COVID-19 Cure, Prevention & Treatments
39 False and unverified COVID-19 claims are being circulated in the name of UNICEF Doctored Statistics
40 Fake Message Claims China Producing Corned Beef With Human Body Parts Business & Economy
41 No, Xi Jinping Did Not Visit Muslim Homes To Learn How To Fight Coronavirus Culture
42 Old images of a festival are shared in the wake of BJP leader’s statement that cow dung may help cure Coronavirus Culture
43 Fact Check: Pope Francis is down with a common cold and not coronavirus Culture
44 Viral Post Has Nothing to Do With Coronavirus & Is Not From Delhi Cure, Prevention & Treatments
45 Chinese reading Quran after ban lifted in view of coronavirus? Old video viral Culture
46 Aaj Tak’s fact-check video was clipped to falsely claim that Chinese PM said, ‘Quran is the only cure for COVID-19’ Culture
47 Viral Coronavirus ‘Advisory’ Is Not From UNICEF Doctored Statistics
48 Corpses of Wuhan Coronavirus Patients Dumped on Roads? Fake Alert Casualty
49 Ramdev Infected With Coronavirus? No, Image Is Old & Unrelated Culture
50 Doctored Screenshots Claim China’s Coronavirus Deaths Over 24,000 Doctored Statistics
51 The message that a worker of Prince hotel in Hyderabad has tested positive for Coronavirus is fake Business & Economy
52 Fact Check: No, this US hospital did not say alcohol can keep Covid-19 at bay Cure, Prevention & Treatments
53 Viral Posts Claiming Vaccines For Coronavirus Have Been Developed Are False Cure, Prevention & Treatments
54 Did These Books Predict The Coronavirus Outbreak? Doctored Statistics
55 রাজস্থানে করোনাভাইরাসের কবলে ছাগল? খাসির মাংস কতটা নিরাপদ Nature & Environment
56 Coronavirus: Ministry of Health debunks fake notice viral as clarification on state holidays Government
57 Fact Check: Actor Tom Hanks is taken ill by COVID-19, but this is a hoax Culture
58 Times of India Misreports Agra Woman Fleeing After Coronavirus Tests Doctored Statistics
59 PIB Rubbishes Viral WhatsApp Audio Clip Claiming India Will Go Into A Lockdown Government
60 Public TV falsely claims Muslim youths in Karnataka refuse coronavirus testing for “religious reasons” Culture
61 No, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hotels Will Not Be Turned Into Hospitals For Coronavirus Patients Culture
62 The message claiming three positive Coronavirus cases in Kothapet (Hyderabad) is fake Doctored Statistics
63 Fact Check: Pro-democracy clash in Hong Kong passed off as China’s crackdown on coronavirus patients Government
64 Coronavirus Rumours Hit Mumbai Hotels Westin And Fatty Bao Business & Economy
65 No, Saddam Hussein did not say US had threatened Iraq with coronavirus in 1990 Culture
66 No, Trump has not announced launch of coronavirus vaccine by Swiss drugmaker Roche Cure, Prevention & Treatments
67 Fact Check: No, gargling with warm salt water can’t save you from coronavirus Cure, Prevention & Treatments
68 Video Of Mock Drill On COVID-19 Preparedness In Punjab Viral As Real Government
69 Video from Hong Kong shared as Police brutality on suspected COVID-19 patients in China Government
70 Places most affected by coronavirus not situated on latitude 40°, misleading image viral Nature & Environment
71 Fact Check: Viral message of Chennai veggies markets shutting due to coronavirus is a hoax Business & Economy
72 No, Vitamin C and lemon-infused hot water do not protect against coronavirus or cancer Cure, Prevention & Treatments
73 వెచ్చని నీరు ఉప్పు లేదా వెనిగర్ తో పుక్కిలిస్తే కొరోనా వైరస్ తొలగిపోదు Cure, Prevention & Treatments
74 మంచి నీరు తరచుగా తాగడం మంచిదే కానీ కొరోనా వైరస్ ని అది నివారణ కాదు Cure, Prevention & Treatments
75 Fact Check: Do not trust this viral remedy of using hairdryer to cure coronavirus Cure, Prevention & Treatments
76 False: Passengers Infected With Coronavirus At Senegal Airport Government
77 No evidence of Coronavirus in Mutton was found. There is no harm in consuming thoroughly cooked meat Nature & Environment
78 No, Amul will not shut its milk chilling centres from March 21 due to coronavirus Business & Economy
79 Fake audio clip attributed to Dr Devi Shetty advises against getting tested for coronavirus Cure, Prevention & Treatments
80 ‘Bitter Gourd’ juice is good for health, but not a cure for Coronavirus Cure, Prevention & Treatments
81 Coronavirus: Notification On Movement Restrictions Is Not From India Government
82 The message that ‘BBMP will be spraying medicine in the air after 10 PM tonight to kill COVID-19’ is fake Government
83 Fact Check: Know the truth behind viral video of passenger agitation at Delhi airport Government
84 Fake Quote Claims Sachin Tendulkar Asked For Ban On Meat Shops Nature & Environment
85 Fact check: Panic buying in Germany? This video is 9 years old Business & Economy
86 An old video falsely shared as ‘people shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Europe after the Coronavirus outbreak’ Culture
87 Government of India hasn’t announced a ‘National Lockdown’ in the country from 20 March Government
88 Audio clip of a phone conversation between two individuals discussing ‘complete lockdown’ of the country is ‘fake’ Government
89 Fact Check: No, US President Donald Trump is not being treated for coronavirus Government
90 Fact check: False coronavirus quote attributed to US President Donald Trump Government
91 No, This Is Not Sophie Trudeau Talking About Coronavirus Casualty
92 Old image shared as Ramdev overdosed on cow urine to avoid coronavirus infection Culture
93 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) can be stable on some surfaces (like plastic and stainless steel) for up to 72 hours (3 days) Doctored Statistics
94 Social distancing is imperative but 14-hour ‘Janta curfew’ will not break the cycle of infection Government
95 Old video of counter-terrorism mock drill at Singapore airport viral with coronavirus spin Government
96 Fact Check: This picture of coffins has no relation to Covid-19 deaths in Italy Casualty
97 Janata Curfew: Clapping hands will not kill Coronavirus, it is just to express gratitude Culture
98 COVID-19 की लंडन की मरीज़ का वीडियो सूरत की महिला का बताकर सोशल मीडिया पर हुआ वायरल Doctored Statistics
99 Fact Check: Has the Covid-19 lockdown returned dolphins and swans to Italian waterways? Nature & Environment
100 Image Of Brazilian President Breaking Down Falsely Linked To Coronavirus-Hit Italy Casualty
101 The woman in the video is neither Canada PM’s wife nor belongs to Surat Casualty
102 Putin Let Loose Lions To Keep Russians Indoors? Bizarre Claim Goes Viral Culture
103 Coronavirus: Old video from China viral as people embracing Islam, reading namaz in public Culture
104 Fact Check: Holding breath for 10 seconds is not a coronavirus test Cure, Prevention & Treatments
105 Message Claiming Coronavirus Can Last Up To 8 Hours In Air Is Misleading Doctored Statistics
106 Coronavirus: Video Of An Arrest In Brazil Falsely Linked To Lockdown In Italy Government
107 Fact Check: False message of Assam lockdown goes viral amid Covid-19 scare Government
108 Mumbai Police Rubbishes Viral Message On Timings Of Essential Items Sold Business & Economy
109 Kerala Government has asked NABARD for a loan of Rs 2,000 crore, not Rs 20,000 crore Business & Economy
110 Image of couple at Barcelona airport shared as Italian doctors infected with coronavirus Casualty
111 వేరే దేశం వీడియో పెట్టి, ‘కొరోనా వచ్చిన కరీంనగర్ వ్యక్తి పరిస్థితి’ అని తప్పుగా షేర్ చేస్తున్నారు Casualty
112 Old and unrelated suicide photos are being shared in the context of COVID-19 outbreak Casualty
113 Fact Check: No, Olympics did not redesign its logo on social distancing theme Culture
114 Fact Check: Love in the time of Corona? Know the truth behind this viral image Culture
115 Fact Check: Viral post claims China’s whistleblower doctor suggested tea cures Covid-19 Cure, Prevention & Treatments
116 Fact Check: Do you risk burning your hands after applying sanitisers? Cure, Prevention & Treatments
117 Scammers, Spammers Promise Free Netflix, Amazon Prime Streaming During Lockdown Business & Economy
118 COVID-19: Video of Belgian man rubbing saliva-ridden hand on metro train handrail viral in India Casualty
119 Photo from 1985 where mother in protective gear holds her baby given coronavirus spin Casualty
120 No, This Is Not The Last Message Of Deceased Pakistani Doctor Osama Riaz Casualty
121 Fact Check: Visuals from Croatia earthquake passed off as corona crisis in Italy Casualty
122 No, Dr Ramesh Gupta’s zoology book DOES NOT mention a cure for novel coronavirus Cure, Prevention & Treatments
123 Fact Check: Are coronavirus tests most expensive in India? Doctored Statistics
124 COVID-19: Photo from Malaysia shared as Indonesian doctor who died treating patients Casualty
125 Photos from 2013 are falsely shared as ‘Dead bodies of Coronavirus victims in Italy’ Casualty
126 Coronavirus: Dated Photos Of Kanika Kapoor Meeting Prince Charles Surface With False Claim Culture
127 ‘హంటా వైరస్’ కొత్త వ్యాధి కాదు. చాలా ఏళ్ళగా వివిధ దేశాల్లో ప్రజలు దాని బారిన పడ్డారు Culture
128 ‘Mustard Oil’ has health benefits but does not prevent COVID-19 Cure, Prevention & Treatments
129 2015 Photo Falsely Shared As Amit Shah Visiting COVID-19 Patients Government
130 মিথ্যে: করোনাভাইরাস রুখতে ঘরে থাকলে ফ্রি ইন্টারনেট দেবে ভারত সরকার Government
131 News from 2019 viral as Azim Premji donates Rs 50,000 crore during coronavirus pandemic Business & Economy
132 Fact check: No, Jio has not offered Rs 498 free recharge amid coronavirus lockdown Business & Economy
133 Scene From Mini-Series Pandemic Peddled As Coronavirus Mass Grave Casualty
134 ఫోటోలో తన కుటుంబ సభ్యులను దూరం నుండి చూస్తున్న వ్యక్తీ ఇండోనేషియా డాక్టర్ హైడియో అలీ కాదు Casualty
135 Iranian girl Anahita Hashemzadeh hasn’t contracted Coronavirus Casualty
136 An old protest video falsely shared as ‘Situation in the old city (Hyderabad) today’ Culture
137 না, ভাইরাল এই ভিডিওর ব্যক্তি এইমসের ডাক্তার অর্কপ্রভ সিনহা নয় Cure, Prevention & Treatments
138 Coronaviruses were known to humans decades ago. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus is just a new type of Coronavirus Cure, Prevention & Treatments
139 ‘COVID-19 patients show symptoms most commonly in around five days’ – WHO Cure, Prevention & Treatments
140 Viral audio falsely claims 59 positive coronavirus cases in Nagpur Doctored Statistics
141 No, Indian army has not built 1000-bed quarantine facility for coronavirus patients Government
142 No, deers did not turn up on Ooty-Coimbatore road as COVID-19 lockdown restricts human activity Nature & Environment
143 कोरोना वायरस : स्ट्रेचर पर सांस लेने के लिए संघर्ष करते एक व्यक्ति का वीडियो भारत का नहीं है Casualty
144 No, foreign nationals from Italy, Iran weren’t hiding in Patna mosque to avoid coronavirus testing Culture
145 Morphed news graphics falsely claim Amit Shah contracted coronavirus Government
146 No, PM Modi Has Not Announced An Internet Shutdown During Lockdown Government
147 No, The Bombay HC Has Not Extended Maharashtra Lockdown Till April 30 Government
148 Fake News Site Invents Story About COVID-19 Patient Zero Having Sex With Bats Nature & Environment
149 Video from 2015 shared as woman commits suicide in US due to coronavirus infection Casualty
150 Old video from Myanmar falsely shared as Chinese monks sprinkling cow urine amid COVID-19 pandemic Culture
151 Video From Azerbaijan Falsely Shared As Spanish Police Enforcing A Lockdown Government
152 False: Army Called In To Control Seven Areas In Mumbai Government
153 Images Of Baby With Birth Defect Falsely Linked To Coronavirus Casualty
154 Photo of UP police punishing lockdown violators shared as mistreatment of migrant workers Government
155 Mumbai Police Call Out WhatsApp Audio Clips Going Viral In Its Name. Government
156 Old image from Spain shared as Italian boy commits suicide after family dies due to coronavirus Casualty
157 Quick Check: Old photos from Venezuela shared as ‘People throwing money on streets of Italy as it could not save them from COVID-19’ Casualty
158 Coronavirus: Old images from Kolkata and Pakistan falsely shared as curfew violation in West Bengal Culture
159 ত্রিপুরার মুখ্যমন্ত্রী বিপ্লব কুমার দেব কী ‘গো করোনা গো’ বলে নাচলেন? একটি তথ্য যাচাই Culture
160 An old video is being falsely shared as ‘Muslims gathered on roads despite the existing curfew’ Culture
161 No, Home Ministry Has Not Made Sharing Coronavirus Messages A Punishable Offence Government
162 False: Video Shows Muslims Licking Utensils To Spread Coronavirus Culture
163 Old, unrelated images shared as migrant workers beaten during coronavirus lockdown Government
164 Old images shared to portray health minister Dr Vardhan apathetic about coronavirus pandemic Government
165 Old video falsely viral as Muslim man spitting on food at Indian restaurant in the backdrop of coronavirus pandemic Culture
166 Video Of Eatery Staff Blowing Into Food Packets Is Not From India Culture
167 Video verification: Locals in Indore’s Tatpatti Bakhal area pelt stones at health workers Casualty
168 Video Of Man Spitting On Cop Is Unrelated To COVID-19 Culture
169 False: Different Types Of Tea Can Act As A Cure For COVID-19 Cure, Prevention & Treatments
170 Theatrical clip shared as incident where cop was beaten in UP sarpanch’s house for enforcing lockdown Government
171 Morphed India Today graphic falsely claims PM Modi extends lockdown till May 4 Government
172 2014 Photos Of ‘Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar’ Rotis Revived With Lockdown Spin Government
173 Video of Muslim vendor’s unhygienic handling of fruits falsely linked with spreading coronavirus Culture
174 Video of man rubbing currency notes on his face falsely correlated with video of man beaten by police Culture
175 Old video of racist heckling falsely viral as Muslim man spits on passenger in New York metro Culture
176 Webseries Clip Viral As Cop Beaten In Temple For Enforcing Lockdown Culture
177 Indians do not have genetic protection against coronavirus, published research incorrectly interpreted Cure, Prevention & Treatments
178 Unrelated Gruesome Photos Of A Family Tragedy Falsely Linked To Lockdown Casualty
179 No, this viral picture of a baby boy selling masks is not from Kashmir Casualty
180 Mock Drill Video From UP Goes Viral With Communal Coronavirus Spin Culture
181 Lockdown: Viral video of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi trying to break lockdown Government
182 Disaster Management Act Does Not Restrict News Reports On COVID-19 Government
183 Video Of Whales Swimming In Indonesia Viral As Bombay High Nature & Environment
184 Old video from Mexico viral as Americans looting malls due to fear of coronavirus Business & Economy
185 Old and unrelated photo falsely shared as ‘Family committed suicide due to hunger during the lockdown’ Casualty
186 Old video shared as recent fire accident at the Solapur Airport on 05 April 2020 Casualty
187 Fact Check: 3rd Year Medical College Students & Interns will NOT be deployed to fight COVID-19 Casualty
188 News18 misreports SAARC and other nations join PM Modi-led effort to switch off lights, light candles Culture
189 Video of Muslims exiting quarantine centre: Not a temple but residential lodging Culture
190 Old video of Philippines viral with Muslim boy’s claim of spitting bread packets by spitting Culture
191 False: Video Shows Muslim Man Spitting On Bread To Spread Coronavirus Culture
192 Fact Check: Picture of a cop beating a priest in MP being shared with a communal twist Culture
193 Fact check: ‘Fake NASA Diwali’ images shared yet again after PM Modi’s 9 pm 9 minutes initiative Culture
194 Fact Check: This video of foreigners chanting ‘Mahamrityunjaya Mantra’ is not from COVID-19 hit Italy Culture
195 FAKE Alert: Old video from Dhaka shared as India during 9 pm 9 minute drive Culture
196 Prince Charles’s coronavirus wasn’t cured with ayurvedic, homeopathic treatment Cure, Prevention & Treatments
197 Message suggesting that ‘alkaline foods can kill SARS-CoV-2 virus’ is fake Cure, Prevention & Treatments
198 Viral WhatsApp forward of ‘WHO lockdown protocol’ is fake Doctored Statistics
199 World Health Organization has not issued any protocol for lockdowns Doctored Statistics
200 గుజరాత్ లో కోవిడ్-19 పేషంట్ల కోసం 2200 పడకల ఆసుపత్రిని కొత్తగా కట్టలేదు Doctored Statistics
201 Unrelated photos and an audio clip falsely shared as ‘Medicines from the US to be given to select people in India for eliminating them’ Doctored Statistics
202 Fact-check: Is govt monitoring calls and social media to track political and religious content? Government
203 2018 Photo Of Kerala CM Sitting In Candlelight Peddled As Recent Government
204 No, the lockdown has not been extended till 03 June 2020 in Telangana. Government
205 ‘కొరోనా ని అరికట్టడంలో జీ-7 దేశాలకి ప్రధాని మోదీ ని నాయకత్వం వహించమని కోరిన అగ్రరాజ్యాలు’, అనేది ఫేక్ వార్త Government
206 As on 07 April 2020, Telangana SSC Board hasn’t released the new schedule of Class-X Examinations Doctored Statistics
207 Photos taken at BJP party office in Bhopal on 20 March 2020 shared as a gathering during the lockdown on 23 March 2020 Government
208 మూడు నెలల క్రితం వీడియోని పెట్టి, ‘లాక్ డౌన్ నిబంధనలను ఉల్లంఘించిన రాహుల్ గాంధీ, ప్రియాంక’ అని తప్పుగా షేర్ చేస్తున్నారు Government
209 PMNRF నుండి డబ్బులు ఇవ్వాలంటే కాంగ్రెస్ అనుమతి అవసరం లేదు. ఆ నిబంధనని 1985 లోనే తీసేసారు Government
210 Old video of a delivery boy taking bread from a truck is being shared with a false narrative Culture
211 ఆవిరి పీలుస్తే కొరోనా వైరస్ చనిపోతుందని చెప్పడానికి ఎటువంటి శాస్త్రీయమైన ఆధారాలు లేవు Cure, Prevention & Treatments
212 Don’t believe this morphed picture of PM Modi; here’s the truth Government
213 Were cops beaten up for enforcing lockdown? Here’s the truth behind these pictures Government
214 Stand five minutes to honour Modi, a ‘mischief to drag Modi into controversies’: PM busts FAKE news Government
215 Government is NOT reducing employees’ pension by 30%; here’s a fact check Business & Economy
216 FAKE Alert: Countries are NOT throwing dead bodies of COVID-19 patients into the seas Casualty
217 The video shows bodies of African migrants who died in a boat wreck in 2014, not of COVID-19 Culture
218 Old video of a man spitting in a bottle resurfaces with FAKE claim related to COVID-19 Culture
219 Did a female doctor die in MP after being attacked by ‘Jihadis’? Here’s the truth behind this post Culture
220 Did India make demands from the U.S. in exchange for exporting Hydroxychloroquine? Here’s the truth Cure, Prevention & Treatments
221 Old video of shop looted in South Africa shared as recent in view of coronavirus lockdown Business & Economy
222 No, Ratan Tata hasn’t said that human motivation and determined efforts will make experts’ predictions go wrong regarding the Indian economy Business & Economy
223 2015 Video From Philadelphia Peddled As Coronavirus Suicide In Italy Casualty
224 জোন্সটাউন হত্যাকান্ডের পুরনো ছবিকে করোনাভাইরাসে মৃতদের শায়িত লাশ বলা হল Casualty
225 वायरल ऑडियो क्लिप : सूरत में मुस्लिम व्यापारियों पर कोरोना वायरस फैलाने का ग़लत आरोप लगाया जा रहा है Culture
226 मुस्लिम लड़के की पिटाई का वीडियो फल बेचनेवाले द्वारा कोरोना वायरस फैलाने के नाम पर शेयर किया गया Culture
227 লকডাউন কার্যকরী করতে কেনিয়া কি মাসাই জনগোষ্ঠীকে কাজে লাগিয়েছে? একটি তথ্যযাচাই Culture
228 তবলিগি জামাত সদস্য আইসোলেশান ওয়ার্ডে উলঙ্গ হয়ে ছুটছে, এই ভিডিওটি অসত্য Culture
229 COVID-19 fighter Vandana Tiwari died due to brain haemorrhage in MP, not due to an attack by Muslims in UP Culture
230 A clip from a movie, ‘The Flu’, is being falsely shared as ‘Situation in Italy’ Cure, Prevention & Treatments
231 Not enough scientific evidence yet to prove that either Kalonji seeds or Hydroxychloroquine can prevent COVID-19 Cure, Prevention & Treatments
232 An old image falsely shared as ‘Image of COVID-19 infected person’s throat’ Cure, Prevention & Treatments
233 Union Min VK Singh cites fake WhatsApp forward about ‘WHO lockdown protocol’ on national TV Government
234 Viral Message Claiming 11 New Lockdown Rules Not From Mumbai Government
235 Has the Ministry of Railways issued protocols for travelling post lockdown? Here’s the truth Government
236 Animation Video Shared As Mermaid Spotted Nature & Environment
237 Video from Pak falsely linked with Hindu man’s alleged murder by Muslim men in Rajasthan Culture
238 Fact Check: Old picture of stranded people in Malaysia re-shared as India during the lockdown Culture
239 हरीश साल्वे के नाम से वायरल ऑडियो क्लिप में अरविन्द केजरीवाल पर मज़दूरों के पलायन का फ़र्ज़ी आरोप लगाया गया Government
240 Old video from Ahmedabad shared as birds flocking in Chandigarh amidst lockdown Nature & Environment
241 War Veteran’s Image Shared As Recovery Of Old Man From COVID-19 In Italy Culture
242 Pak PM Imran Khan’s wife has NOT tested positive for COVID-19; this graphic is FAKE Culture
243 False: Tourism Ministry Announces Closure Of Hotels Till October 15 Doctored Statistics