Colombia Digital Observatory

This projects includes two bilingual reports on digital culture in Colombia. The first report, published in 2013, examines the nature and growth of digital culture in Colombia, and how this has impacted the ways social and economic relationships have been transformed. The second reportfollowed up on the findings from the first study to examine ways in which the idea of digital culture has been studied by institutions throughout the world, and what approaches can be useful in Colombia for setting up similar institutions.

Both reports were written with the cooperation of the Organization of American States, the Trust for the Americas, and the MINTIC. The project was led by Joyojeet Pal. University of Michigan graduate students Ludmila Ferrari, Edgar Nunez, Priya Kumar, Maura Youngman, Ingrid Sanchez Tapia authored the two reports.

2013 Report on Digital Culture in English

2013 Report on Digital Culture in Colombia

2014 Report on Digital Observatories